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 Before you Can Role Play!!!

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Olivia James Bautista
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Before you Can Role Play!!! Empty
PostSubject: Before you Can Role Play!!!   Before you Can Role Play!!! EmptyThu Aug 04, 2011 9:55 am

Before you jump into roleplaying please do the following:

1. Read the RULES of the site. Ignorance of these rules wont get you out of trouble.
2. Check out the forum. Meaning read the Stickies, Announcements, Taken Faces, and such. See what is going on before jumping into things.
3. Request you characters. Again make sure the name, character face, celeb/wrestler/diva are not taken. Do not post anything else until your character request has been moved to the accepted section. Check often because a notice will not be given out.
4. Once you are accepted please make your way to the biography section and post your characters history. (Only OC characters, famous people can be looked up on the internet)
5. Then Request Wanted Characters. Its no fun to role play by yourself, so ask others to help you with your storyline. If you accept roleplay character for someone, please request the character. (You do not have to make a bio for that character).
*****Remember you have to ASK the person who plays a character if you can be related or any way affliated with the character. Also people be opened minded. Some have cool ideas and open your mind to letting them interact with you*****
6.Now have fun and roleplay your heart out.
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Before you Can Role Play!!!
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